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Jorge Rojas (Madrid, Spain) lives in Hamburg. He makes unique pieces, which combine ancient materials with the most avant-garde designs. Jorge Rojas improve his craft in New York where he collaborated with experimental sculptors and goldsmiths. His works have been exhibited in the Foundation Miró in Barcelona, in the Gallery Juana de Aizpuru in Madrid, in the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, in the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga and in the German Gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein. He has developed projects for Patrimonio Nacional, Aena, University of las Palmas, among others.

He is Professor of Centro de Estudios Joyeros de Madrid for the area of design and jewelry projects.

Columnist in Gold&Time magazine and lecturer of jewellery.

Jorge Rojas comes from the jewellery tradition, and from the job, solid and precise, designs and makes pieces of jewelry with all the power of the avant-garde. Their jewels are unique, personal, always innovative. Contemporary designer with root, form finder, beauty creator. His work has been acknowledged by different international awards: Crafts Community of Madrid Award, 1999 “FÜR DICH-FÜR MICH”, invited by Stifung Gold und Silverschmiedekunst , 1999 Special mention to the BEST SHOPS, Madrid City Council, 1999 Selected among FINALISTS FAD of Barcelona of interior design, 1999 MENTION OF HONOR in the contest “Reflections on the cube of the fact of living”, 1998 CATALOG SCULPTURE AWARD Paseo Marítimo de Zarautz, 1997 Iberjoya international jewelry prize, 1990 International Diamonds Prize (De Beers ) Valencia, 1989.
Since the Centro de Estudios Joyeros de Madrid, he has taught for 10 years.
Journalist of the magazine Gold & Time, Madrid, blogger for Experimenta magazine, Madrid.
His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries of art.